day 09 – A photo of the item you last purchased

Hahaha. Damn. Nice timing. So, here’s the last item I bought.


Just being honest. hahaha.

Peace. haha

Know what that is? hahaha.

That’s Sigup Premium or Rokok Premium or Premium Cigarette

Rm3 di Sabah. Haha.

Well, haven’t spent on anything except for cigarettes here.

Awesome =D

day 07 – Your dream wedding

My Dream wedding?


I’d really like to stick with tradition of getting married in a church first.

Then, i just wantΒ  have a hectic reception filled with my friends and relatives and my bride’s side too. haha.

Of course, I wanna be drunk and happy, so bottoms up?

Damn. I wanna dance too! So, I need drinks, and sumazau! haha.

That’s a traditional wedding that I really dream of πŸ™‚

Must haves :

So that’s about it. Argh, this post is the hardest. and the lamest. hahhaa.