It’s 4 a.m.

Hmm. I just woke up from a 5-hour slumber. Oh, Before I start ranting, I uploaded a new video. It’s a song by the popular Christian Praise and Worship Group, Hillsongs United, which is At the Cross. Check it out if you have time okay?.  I still wanna promote my Save You video. Haha.

Lolo – At The Cross (Acoustic)
Lolo – Save You

It’s frikkin cold here. I’m wearing a sweater now and a pair of jeans. Yes. Very very odd right? I never slept in my jeans before, I mean intentionally. If I ever did wear a jeans to sleep, It’s because I accidentally fell asleep in them. Tonight is a different case. I intend to go sleep wearing them. Ahh. I don’t know where all of my long pants are. Takkan la mau pakai seluar2 formal tu? I don’t wanna wear hot track suit. Those are just uncomfortable to be in. Ahaha. So, I finally went with the jeans.

I swear I’m not sick but it seems like I’ll be starting the new semester in UTP with a fever. Bida eh.

Sigh, actually belum ada apa apa nak update. So, I’ll update once the semester start going eh. Hehe. Thank you people who frequently visit this blog. I don’t know your reasons, perhaps you like my writing?, perhaps you like my pictures? perhaps you’re just blog jumping? Perhaps you just love me. Yikes! ahaha.

Anyway, I’ll be back in UTP this coming Friday! Yay! Finally. Ahaha. Til the next update, miss me when I’m gone.